Parameters and Innovative Indices:

The MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor provides clinicians with real-time respiratory parameters and calculated indices.

  • Functional Oxygen Saturation (SpO2%) - The percentage of oxygen saturated hemoglobin relative to total hemoglobin in arterial blood
  • Pulse Rate (PR) - The number of times the heart beats per minute
  • PIO2 - Partial pressure of inspired oxygen, mmHg
  • PETO2 - End-tidal oxygen partial pressure, mmHg
  • PETCO2 - End-tidal carbon dioxide partial pressure, mmHg
  • Respiratory Rate (RR) - The number of patient breaths per unit time
  • gPaO2 - Calculated arterial partial pressure of oxygen, mmHg
  • Oxygen Deficit - Breath-based index of gas exchange inefficiency that is the difference between alveolar and arterial oxygen levels, mmHg
  • gPaO2/PAO2 - Arterial to alveolar partial pressure oxygen exchange ratio (Exchange efficiency), dimensionless
  • gPaO2/FiO2 - Ratio of arterial partial pressure of Oxygen to fraction of oxygen inspired
  • Respiratory Quotient (RQ) - The ratio between the amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) produced in metabolism and oxygen (O2) used, dimensionless

For information on other indices currently being developed, please contact MediPines.