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Cardiorespiratory Assessment at the Point of Care

Improve treatment and diagnostic decisions with fast, accurate, and non-invasive assessments of cardiorespiratory status using the MediPines AGM100™



Results in under two minutes



O2 and CO2  gas levels from the lungs sampled at rest



Non-Invasive: resting breath sampling with no needles 

One device, multiple measurements


Clinicians using the AGM100 can compress the time to diagnosis and treatment decision throughout a patient's care continuum.  

  • Oxygenation
  • Ventilation
  • Gas exchange impairment
  • Diffusion limitations
  • Low inspired oxygen

Manage patients for positive health outcomes

Broad applicability from hospitals to clinics 

ER/Critical Care







  • Immediately identify respiratory impairment at the point of care
  • Support diagnosis and treatment decisions from chronic to acute cases
  • Confirm treatment effectiveness with a high degree of objectivity
  • Verify worsening/improving cardiorespiratory conditions 
  • Risk stratify patients before and after surgical procedure 

MediPines AGM100

AGM100: Oxygenation, Ventilation, and Gas Exchange Measurements in One Breathing Session

Essential Clinical Insights, Non-Invasively Delivered Instantly at the Point-of-Care


Pulmonary gas exchange is critical for our health- as shown in the lungs' tiny alveoli. Here, oxygen is absorbed into the blood, and carbon dioxide is released to be exhaled. This natural process of gas movement in the body, called diffusion,  occurs in 500 million alveoli and ensures our blood is oxygen-rich for circulation.

The AGM100 technology leverages this principle, monitoring gas levels directly with advanced sensors combined with computational means to enhance precision to aid in assessing patients' respiratory and cardiovascular health.  Vital clinical information, such as blood oxygenation, ventilation and gas exchange, that traditionally required time-consuming invasive procedures is now available at the point-of-care with the AGM100. 

  • Gas Exchange

    Assessing respiratory impairment in patients is a critical aspect of clinical management. Traditionally, the Riley method (A-a gradient) has been the gold standard measure for gas exchange efficiency, but this approach...

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  • Clinical Accuracy

    Clinicians know that unlike other tests, the AGM100 provides accurate measurements of gas exchange impairment to differentiate healthy and sick patients...

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  • Operational Efficiency

    Patients in respiratory distress require immediate medical attention. The ability to quickly identify hypoxemia is crucial...

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Industry Coverage

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Innovative technologies are accelerating access to healthcare everywhere, we must ensure that they (innovative technologies) are readily available in all health facilities, fairly priced and quality-assured...

WHO Assistant Director General


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“The AGM100 is already playing a crucial role in respiratory assessment and treatment in a quickly growing number of hospitals across the nation."



“These winners represent some of the most promising emerging medical device innovations in the diagnosis, treatment, and care of children affected..."

CEO of MedTech Innovator


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MediPines AGM100® – Medical Design Excellence 2021 Award Winner

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