Advancing Respiratory Medicine

The MediPines AGM100® provides fast, accurate, and non-invasive assessments of cardiorespiratory status to improve treatment and diagnostic decisions.

How the AGM100 Works

Measurement in under 90 seconds

See how it works

Clinicians use AGM100 measurements to

  • Immediately identify respiratory impairment at the point of care
  • Help guide diagnosis and treatment decisions from chronic to acute cases
  • Confirm treatment effectiveness with high degree of objectivity
  • Verify worsening/improving cardiorespiratory conditions
  • Manage patients for positive health outcomes

Award winning medical device, trusted by doctors and patients

AGM100 selected by WHO

Medical Innovation


“Innovative technologies are accelerating access to healthcare everywhere, we must ensure that they (innovative technologies) are readily available in all health facilities, fairly priced and quality-assured”

- WH0 Assistant Director General


Medical Design Award

AGM100 receives special designationmdea design award

 MediPines AGM100® device has been awarded the prestigious MDEA Award for Testing and Diagnostic Products in the 2021 Medical Design Excellence Awards


Improve Patient Outcomes

Achieve over 90% patient compliance with our breathing circuit.
High Precision
PaO2 accuracy of over 95% compared to traditional ABG.
Single Operator
No labs, blood draw or complex set up. No calibration required.
In less than 2 minutes, we provide 12 cardiopulmonary diagnostic parameters

Use Cases

Improve diagnostic decisions across the continuum of care. From the emergency room to out-patient clinics, our device has helped patients receive faster, more accurate diagnosis.

Global Respiratory Disease

We are the market leader in non-invasive, rapid assessment of pulmonary gas exchange.

COVID-19: 676 million people
Pneumonia: 450 million people annually
Asthma: 350 million people
COPD: 200 million people

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