A portable, non-invasive, point-of-care device.

A simple procedure: it requires normal patient breathing samples. Results in under two minutes. 

The Only Product to Offer Comprehensive Respiratory Parameters with a few simple breaths

One of a kind, non-invasive respiratory measurement device provides direct respiratory gas exchange measurements for rapid respiratory detection and assessment. Unique POC device, optimized to measure real-time (pulmonary) gas exchange and respiratory insights through traditional parameters and innovative indices to support rapid triage to treatment of respiratory conditions.

Comprehensive set of respiratory parameters and innovative indices on a single device



MediPines Corporation is a pioneering medical device company, established to advance respiratory medicine. The company is based in Orange County, California and is focused on innovative devices for respiratory diagnostics and management by partnering with world-class medical institutions, focusing on patient outcomes, and achieving meaningful long-term results.

Our mission is to improve patient outcomes by empowering clinicians with non-invasive, practical devices for the most significant respiratory challenges they are facing.


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