AGM100: Non-invasive Cardiorespiratory Assessment

Developed and clinically validated for respiratory gas exchange measurements

Fast results at the point of care

In 2 minutes, you will know if oxygenation & ventilation are adequate and if gas exchange is impaired.

    • V/Q Mismatch
    • Hypoventilation
    • Right-to-left shunt
    • Diffusion limitations
    • Low inspired oxygen pressure

Comprehensive Cardiorespiratory Parameters


Calculated Arterial Partial Pressure of Oxygen, mmHg


End Tidal Partial Pressure of Oxygen, mmHg

O₂ Deficit

Alveolar and Arterial Oxygen Difference (PAO₂-PaO₂), mmHg


End Tidal Partial Pressure of Carbon Dioxide, mmHg

gPaO₂™ / PAO₂

Ratio of Arterial to Alveolar Oxygen Partial Pressure, %

gPaO₂™ / FiO₂

Ratio of Arterial to Fraction of Inspired Oxygen, mmHg




Respiratory Quotient


Oxygen Saturation, %


Partial Pressure of Inspired Oxygen, mmHg

Pulse Rate

Pulse Rate, BPM


Respiratory Rate, Br/m

Patient Breathing Circuit


The MediPines Single Patient Use Breathing Circuit is designed to work with AGM100®.

The monitor end of the breathing circuit sample line contains a PTFE membrane filter to protect the monitor from pathogen-containing droplets from patient breath samples. This prevents the re-circulation of pathogens into room air via the monitor’s exhaust system

Patient-Centric​ Design

Ergonomic design of the patient-side opening reduces leakages of exhaled breathing gases and supports patient comfort and high compliance.


Built-In Hydrophobic Membranes

The breathing circuit incorporates an enclosed monitor-side filtration system that blocks particulates at a micron level from entering and contaminating the unit.


Medical Grade Materials

The sampling line material prevents gas absorption from the gases as they travel from the patient to the MediPines Gas Exchange Monitor to allow for precise and accurate measurements.