MediPines Announces New Reimbursement Code for Non-Invasive Assessment of Cardiorespiratory Status by the AGM100

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New AMA CPT® Code Establishes Pathway For Clinicians To Submit Claims For Use Of MediPines AGM100®

YORBA LINDA, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 24, 2024 / MediPines, (, the developer and manufacturer of a non-invasive cardiorespiratory assessment technology, AGM100, is pleased to announce that the American Medical Association (AMA) has issued a new Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code for non-invasive cardiorespiratory assessment. Providers can now utilize the code when performing assessment procedures on patients across the United States. 

The release of this new reimbursement code represents a major healthcare breakthrough as hospitals and clinics across the US will be able to conduct non-invasive cardiorespiratory assessments and submit claims directly related to this simple patient procedure. CPT codes are granted and regulated by the AMA CPT Editorial Panel and are widely used by government payers, including Medicare and Medicaid, and commercial health plans to describe healthcare services and procedures for reimbursement. Ultimately, this new code will provide patients and physicians access to Oxygen Deficit and other cardiorespiratory parameters that were either missing or difficult to obtain in the past, to assess oxygenation in the lungs, blood, gas exchange efficiency, and cardiorespiratory status to improve patient care.

The new CPT code, 0893T will be used for "Noninvasive assessment of blood oxygenation, gas exchange efficiency, and cardiorespiratory status, with physician or other qualified health care professional interpretation and report," and will become effective in 2024.

The MediPines AGM100 is an FDA-cleared, advanced cardiorespiratory technology that provides Oxygen Deficit - a respiratory impairment measurement - and other sensitive measures of cardiorespiratory health. The technology provides reliable, discriminative readings that support real-time decision making when assessing and treating cardiorespiratory patients. The commercial success of any new and useful medical technology largely depends on the ability of the healthcare ecosystem to get adequately paid for medical innovation.

"The recent AMA approval further validates the clinical and economic value of this innovation," said MediPines CEO, Steve Lee, "and we are delighted that the forward-looking AMA with the support of major medical societies decided to allow reimbursement for this non-invasive procedure to improve patient care."

About MediPines

Orange County, California-based MediPines is a pioneer in non-invasive pulmonary gas exchange technology. The company's mission is to advance respiratory medicine by providing physiology-based cardiorespiratory devices that enhance clinical effectiveness and achieve superior patient outcomes. The company's MediPines AGM100 is an industry award-winning, FDA-cleared, advanced pulmonary gas exchange technology that provides critical cardiorespiratory measures instantly and is used by medical providers and clinicians to raise diagnostic accuracy, improve treatment decisions, and accelerate healthcare decision-making. AGM100 exclusively provides Oxygen Deficit, a non-invasive alveolar to arterial oxygen difference (AaDO2), as well as blood oxygen level (gPaO2), alveolar carbon dioxide level (PetCO2), and other sensitive measurements of pulmonary gas exchange relevant for cardiorespiratory patient assessment.